My Garden Crush

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Adventures in edible gardening, family and cancer

Is it OK to fight cancer?

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There was an article this week that seemed to get a lot of attention. The writer, Xeni Jardin, is someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. She made the case for stopping warlike language when talking about cancer.  Language like, “to fight cancer”.

And to that author I say ba-humbug!

Extraordinary ordinary people

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Josh and I watched the short, Love Actually 2, on Friday. In it Hugh Grant’s character says, “”I’m optimistic. Wherever you see tragedy you see bravery too. Where ever you see ordinary people in need, you see extraordinary ordinary people come to their aid.”  Cancer, it turns out, brings out the extraordinary.

The brother-in-law who got away

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On Friday I heard the news that Ewan Moffet, Phil’s friend and ex-boyfriend had lost his battle with cancer.

For me, Ewan will always be  the brother-in-law that got away. It’s not surprising then that my most vivid memory of him occurred when he wasn’t there in person.

Face to face with my fury

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For  five fury filled months I dreamt about what I’d say to this woman when I saw her again. I’d lay in bed in the cold, quiet part of the night and compose the complaint I was going to lodge with the Health Professions Council. I held her image close the better to know my enemy. She was my Wicked Witch of the West, my Nurse Ratched, my Cersei Lanaster. I seethed and ranted and held my sparkling, diamond-hard outrage close.