My Garden Crush

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Adventures in edible gardening, family and cancer

Loss isn’t catchy (or why we should listen to teenagers more)

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In the first draft of this post I wrote “something is wrong when we have to look to our children to show us how to behave” but on rereading it I think perhaps that something is right. Or at least something right is coming into the world.

When the emergency is over…

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For all the books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched I am unprepared for the “afterwards-ness” I’m experiencing. Hollywood doesn’t tell us about what our heroes do the day after the universe is saved. I suppose scrubbing out the stains in a hero’s cape isn’t a story.


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Of course I am sad. Sadder than I thought possible. When I think of the future: the hopes and dreams Josh had (and I had for him) it feels like a piece of my soul is missing.

A pretty shitty Valentine’s day

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This will probably be our crappiest valentines day ever. It might even top Valentine’s 2004.