My Garden Crush

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Blog to Blog, Yankee Candles and why I’ve gone off Gretchen Rubin

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Today it’s all about trying out the theory that smell can improve our moods.

Swimming away from grief

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I tried to swim back to happiness (and away from grief)…

Beneath the Innocent Child in Prayer

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I wrote this as a competition entry this month. The brief was to write about the discovery of a dead body for any type of character. It was inspired by a morning I spent at the Lady Lever Gallery. There was a meditator but the rest is fiction…

A new project

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I can feel the enthusiasm bubble up through my chest and into my cheekbones. I rub my hands together and clasp them close to my beaming face. I burble and chirrup with excitement as I scribble notes about how I’m going to do it and what the steps will be.