The Amplitude and Wavelength of happiness

By on Nov 9, 2017 in Blog Posts, Cancer, Spring, Video | 4 comments

I’ve been helping Josh revise physics this week. As we were reading through his notes of waves it struck me as a really good analogy for how I am feeling about cancer:



  1. Lee

    10th November 2017

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    How lovely to see you, and hear your voice again, my friend! Thank you for that share (and lesson!) – you are brave and clever and open and real as always. As soon as exams are over I’ll be nagging you for my coffee and hug date too. Cxx

  2. Eleanor Trebicki

    10th November 2017

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    Oh Penny ,
    What a wonderful way of putting it. I can really grasp that concept and it will help me put things in perspective when sadness rear’s it head.

    I don’t know if it will appeal to you but I have been following a blog on Facebook called ” Peter and Jane and mummy too. It is very funny. She has now brought out a book called “Why Mummy drinks” . It has cheered me up no end especially darling Judgy dog.

    May all your waves be peaks of Happiness☺ Eleanor

    • Penny Castle

      10th November 2017

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      Hi Elenor

      I have been following it and I love Judgy Dog even more! Every post makes me giggle 🙂

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