My top six worst holidays

By on May 14, 2018 in Blog Posts, Winter | 3 comments

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I have a truck load more reasons to hate Mother’s Day this year but, to be honest, I started off from a low base. I’m not even sure it’s my worst holiday:

New Years Eve Stay up past bedtime and have someone spray you with booze. Yay!
Valentine’s Day And…another opportunity to feel unworthy of love.
Easter Stale chocolate.
Mother’s Day Brunch with bad service.
Women’s Day Don’t get me started on the other 364.
Heritage Day Born in Yorkshire, school in Scotland, Live in South Africa….you tell me what my cultural attire should be?

What’s your worst holiday?


  1. Lisa

    15th May 2018

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    Thanksgiving. Sounds horrible, but the amount of work and money it takes to put on a dinner for your entire family plus is NOT worth it. For one, I highly dislike cooking in the first place and dislike shopping for it even more, Second, the amount of time it takes to prepare all of that food for it to be over in 15 minutes or less….. again, not worth it. OH! Then there is the clean up…… My way out of this predicament is to volunteer to work. You not only are appreciated by your boss and coworkers that now do not have to work, you get to use the excuse that you have to work so you cannot cook, so therefore you are invited somewhere and all you have to do is volunteer to bring something, such as rolls or cranberries (something you don’t have to cook) problem solved!

  2. Terri

    17th May 2018

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    Agree about New Year’s eve. Pressure to party and get drunk and make stupid resolutions. Yuck!
    I am also not keen on Christmas Shop till you drop buying lots of gifts and then limping through January flat broke! Fortunately we stopped the madness and each person now buys one gift for one family member.

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