The Bloody Aftermath

By on May 30, 2018 in Autumn, Blog Posts, Cancer, Video | 3 comments

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Last week the kids of Crawford College North Coast took us over the finish line in terms of collecting 364 units of blood for The Bloody Birthday Challenge. For me personally, though I wasn’t only looking for blood, I also set up the challenge to try and heal after Josh’s death.

I recorded this clip to consider whether it’s been successful.




  1. Nancy Ur

    31st May 2018

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    Having lost a child and a grandchild, I found this to be a wonderfully inspiring video. I really think your understanding of grief and your ability to speak so honestly is a wonderful gift. I believe you could be an inspirational speaker for grief communities. Considering how short a time it has been since the loss of Josh, you are doing everything right. Thank you, as always, for putting into words what some of us cannot. It validates us all. You are a remarkable Mom!

  2. Lee

    5th June 2018

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    I’ve watched this a couple of times Penny – inspired by your authenticity and openness, and also guided by your reflections to forward and help others

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