Will they be forgotten

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Chris shared some of his writing with me this morning:

Hardship hasn’t make me a better person.

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Our shelves are bursting with “I am a victim off…” stories. These stories are important. They let the author tell their own story and they let us, vicariously, live it too. We seem, though, to have blurred the lines between what is entertaining/educational and what is instruction.

My top six worst holidays

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I have a truck load more reasons to hate Mother’s Day this year but, to be honest, I started off from a low base. I’m not even sure it’s my worst holiday: New Years Eve Stay up past bedtime and have someone spray you with booze. Yay! Valentine’s Day And…another opportunity to feel unworthy of love. Easter Stale chocolate. Mother’s Day Brunch with bad service. Women’s Day Don’t get me started on the other 364. Heritage Day Born in Yorkshire, school in Scotland, Live in South Africa….you tell me what my cultural attire should be? What’s your worst...

Driving in rain

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I’m driving, always driving. It’s raining. It’s always raining. Sometimes: The rain is torrential. The windscreen wipers flip back and forth at such speed that I am sure they will detach from their housing the fly off across the highway. The drops of rain come down hard and fast; flung furiously from the heavens. Wind howls around me and the car shudders under the onslaught. Each raindrop is so big; it must, surely, contain a cup’s worth of water. I pull over, on the shoulder, and wait for the rain to pass, cringing as the weighty splash back from passing trucks is hurled against me again and again. Sometimes:  The rain is heavy and constant for so long that I forget it is there. My mind wanders to other things. For a moment (a minute, an hour) I think my thoughts and the rain is gone. And then something – maybe the texture of the rain, or a bump in the road or even just my mind itself...

Beware of the miracle (and the snake oil salesmen)

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Cancer, contrary to what Hollywood tells us is no simple matter of clean living or genetic testing. It is about complexity and nuance and statistics.