A trip to the dietician

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“Mostly, I like eating sour worms.” Josh told the dietician. His tone was half-way between a confession and a challenge.

On the way here I’d shared my fear that I’d have to defend my any-calorie-is-a-good-calorie stance.

The dietician smiled and looked down at her notes.

Funny beats fear

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Funny is the magic-potion that allows us up to stomp straight into the dragon’s den and look it boldly, unflinchingly right in the eye.

The downward trend

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“You were at 4600 before we started the treatment, then 4400 and now 4200.” She continues.
“That’s great!” I say, “Well done Josh! What’s the normal range?”
She pretends she hasn’t heard me…

A birthday wisher or a cancer carer? A meme watcher or a wheelchair pusher?

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Until this year cancer has always been a slightly sordid word for me. It got stuck in my mouth and came out muttered or garbled: Smmcanther. There’s a piece of me that still worries that either cancer or the misery it brings could be “catchy”.

Jane Pickard’s Bicycle

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Jane Pickard lived down the road from me as a kid. Her Dad was the local plumber and they lived in a big rambling house that he was refurbishing. The house sat back, across a gently banked field from the lane into the valley. For a time, in the summer of 1980, Jane and I were friends. I played my first game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey at her birthday party. I squealed with terrified delight and had my head chopped off there playing oranges-and-lemons at that same party. I don’t remember if Jane didn’t have ponies or if it was just that her access to riding was less free than mine. I do remember dropping in on horse-back and feeling a self-satisfied superiority on the horse front in general. But it bicycles not ponies that moved our friendship. To an outsider my bike was a hand-me-down from my brother. To me it was an honour bestowed upon me by my older, wiser and infinitely more...

My sugar coated, candy crusted, cancer fighting buddy

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Sugar has been on my mind. Truthfully, it often is. It’s been on my mind since Mum first handed me a Bootybag of chewy deliciousness to comfort me after a childhood tooth extraction. Through the pain and pleasures of puberty, love, childbirth, my career and now cancer, my sweet little friend has been there to ease my burden and celebrate my successes.