Kindness and gratitude: the unexpected gifts of cancer

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I have always maintained that we always get what we want, but it never seems to come in the packaging we expect – never more so than with kindness.

Hello laughter, my old friend

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His laughter was infectious. We smiled. We snorted. Within half a minute we too were howling out the kind of belly laugh that made our eyes stream and our sides ache.

The other brother

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2017 should really have been his year. He started high school in January. It was a big enough school that perhaps he’d be able to build an identity beyond being the quieter, shyer younger brother. Then, barely two weeks in, Josh – his older brother – was diagnosed with stage-four cancer.

There will be no funeral today

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Acute fatigue – sleeping for most of the day – is the most common symptom of end stage cholangiocarcinoma.

The wrong definition of strong

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I’ve been told I am strong more times than I can count this year. Thank you.

The thing is, though, that I don’t feel strong at all. On the best days I feel like I’m doing what any other parent would do. On the worst days…well on the worst days, I long for the oblivion of sleep only to find myself staving off midnight’s monsters whilst thirsting for first-light.

A trip to the dietician

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“Mostly, I like eating sour worms.” Josh told the dietician. His tone was half-way between a confession and a challenge.

On the way here I’d shared my fear that I’d have to defend my any-calorie-is-a-good-calorie stance.

The dietician smiled and looked down at her notes.