He made a difference…

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The kids in Joshua’s grade had to write a reflective essay this week. They were asked to select a poem or song which reflected something important to them. I got this note from Joshua’s (and my) friend (and teacher to us both) about a different boy in the grade.

The worst day of my life

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Last week my surviving son, Chris, handed me a piece of paper with the following essay printed on it. I’m both heartbroken and proud of what he had to say:

Look at the stars

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I woke up to the news that Stephen Hawking has died. The world seems a little less bright, a little less clever this morning.


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I should have been happy on Thursday morning when I woke with image of Joshua’s shin front and centre of my mind. I was hoping for something maybe a little more significant than a shin memory but a shin is what I got.


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“I am going to do a full exam but before I do I want to get a little history,” she said. And then I realised my big, giant, insurmountable problem. It wasn’t the lump.

Loss isn’t catchy (or why we should listen to teenagers more)

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In the first draft of this post I wrote “something is wrong when we have to look to our children to show us how to behave” but on rereading it I think perhaps that something is right. Or at least something right is coming into the world.