Garden Update: a broad bean broadcast

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The broad beans, which I neglected to stake this year, are floppy and their stems broken. Despite my lack of attention they are prolific. Too many friends have received the dubious gift of a bag of the delicious, arduous gems.

Naartjies, cabbages, slugs and grubs

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I slipped a juicy segment into my mouth. The juice exploded into my mouth: Honey-sweet and tart. Lush. My tongue and teeth popped the little sacks of liquid. In my mind’s eye a crowd of Californian surfers stood on their boards and cheered in unison. I glanced down to pick up another segment.

The pepperdew experiment

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Imagine a mild chilli and some unspecified summer fruit (maybe a mango, many a tangy apple) had a burnt umber, love-child.

How to make peace with autumn

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For the last few weeks I’ve been alternately avoiding the garden and clearing out the last of the summer crops.

The sadness of green tomatoes

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The green, overlaid with the silvery colour is elegant, sophisticated. It reminds me of the colour schemes favoured by ‘grown up’ interior decorators. I imagine aging socialites oohing and aahing over the same colour, presented as “this season’s” palette. These silvery-grey shadows sneak up the stems and tiptoe onto the leaves of my tomato plants. Having decimated the cucumbers and melons months ago the mildew has set its sights on the tomatoes. If I don’t act soon the green tomatoes will be ruined. Still I procrastinate. I dither. I look at them from the corner of my eye. I admire the colour and don’t look too closely at the impact on the last of the green tomatoes. Green tomatoes make me sad.  Actually its not all green tomatoes. How could a tomato, green or otherwise,  make anyone sad after all? It’s these specific ones. The last ones...

A gift from the garden

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The tomatoes, have mostly moved beyond ripe. They hang, insect stung and half rotten, half dried on the vines. A few runty green fruit droop at the centre of the plants. Some of the leaves have completely dried and hover in amongst their wilted brethren like dusty, netting underskirts.