Blog to Blog, Yankee Candles and why I’ve gone off Gretchen Rubin

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Today it’s all about trying out the theory that smell can improve our moods.

Swimming away from grief

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I tried to swim back to happiness (and away from grief)…

Beneath the Innocent Child in Prayer

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I wrote this as a competition entry this month. The brief was to write about the discovery of a dead body for any type of character. It was inspired by a morning I spent at the Lady Lever Gallery. There was a meditator but the rest is fiction…

A new project

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I can feel the enthusiasm bubble up through my chest and into my cheekbones. I rub my hands together and clasp them close to my beaming face. I burble and chirrup with excitement as I scribble notes about how I’m going to do it and what the steps will be.

My top six worst holidays

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I have a truck load more reasons to hate Mother’s Day this year but, to be honest, I started off from a low base. I’m not even sure it’s my worst holiday: New Years Eve Stay up past bedtime and have someone spray you with booze. Yay! Valentine’s Day And…another opportunity to feel unworthy of love. Easter Stale chocolate. Mother’s Day Brunch with bad service. Women’s Day Don’t get me started on the other 364. Heritage Day Born in Yorkshire, school in Scotland, Live in South Africa….you tell me what my cultural attire should be? What’s your worst...

Winter Solstice and the long nights

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Crikey, I miss summer. I miss it with the same ache I imagine for a Jane Austen heroine dreaming of her potential husband. And, like her, my tormented imaginings are not entirely realistic.