Beneath the Innocent Child in Prayer

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I wrote this as a competition entry this month. The brief was to write about the discovery of a dead body for any type of character. It was inspired by a morning I spent at the Lady Lever Gallery. There was a meditator but the rest is fiction…

A new project

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I can feel the enthusiasm bubble up through my chest and into my cheekbones. I rub my hands together and clasp them close to my beaming face. I burble and chirrup with excitement as I scribble notes about how I’m going to do it and what the steps will be.

The oncology meeting: the real truth about a cure for cancer

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“Why don’t we just tell them the truth?”  Asked the intern…

The Handkerchief

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“Hands, hands, handkerchief!” The woman demands in a Scottish accent. She’s standing next to the chocolate brown painted hand-rail at the top of the stairs and blocking the route down.

Messing about in water

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An honourable mention in this month’s writing challenge. The challenge was 250 words featuring something to do with water…

Jane Pickard’s Bicycle

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Jane Pickard lived down the road from me as a kid. Her Dad was the local plumber and they lived in a big rambling house that he was refurbishing. The house sat back, across a gently banked field from the lane into the valley. For a time, in the summer of 1980, Jane and I were friends. I played my first game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey at her birthday party. I squealed with terrified delight and had my head chopped off there playing oranges-and-lemons at that same party. I don’t remember if Jane didn’t have ponies or if it was just that her access to riding was less free than mine. I do remember dropping in on horse-back and feeling a self-satisfied superiority on the horse front in general. But it bicycles not ponies that moved our friendship. To an outsider my bike was a hand-me-down from my brother. To me it was an honour bestowed upon me by my older, wiser and infinitely more...