The book of Josh – Chapter 1: Swimming

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It occurs to me there are so many stories I forgot to tell you, my monkey-puffin. So many stories about you. In no particular order, with no particular timetable, here are the things I forgot to tell you. Here is the Book of Josh.

A storm

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When you are on the water you realise that the breeze, so constant on the beach, is a variable thing. So too my grief.

I’ve been a fool

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Thursday was Joshua’s memorial. It was, for me, a moment that counted. There were many, many people who got that but also – and this is why I feel like such a fool – many people who had sent me “anything you need” messages through the year that were missing. 

The boy in the green tights – a eulogy for Josh

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We drove home from Durban on Thursday and I told Shannon that I didn’t like to think of Josh Resting in Peace. His reply to me was – of course he isn’t resting in peace. He is at the front. Causing trouble.