The Bloody Birthday Challenge (And the Special Bloody Snowflake Challenge)

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Please join the Blood Birthday Challenge!

I am furious

By on Mar 28, 2018 in Autumn, Blog Posts, Cancer | 7 comments

Of course I have a bloody rage issue.

Thank you, Nancy

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Writing and knowing that someone bears witness to my attempts to make sense of this experience is a huge gift. (Thank you). I admit to feeling a kind of pious, selfless pleasure, this morning, knowing I was giving Nancy that gift. And, as always when I get a little above my station the universe, in the form of Nancy’s story, is quick to turn my thinking on its head.

He made a difference…

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The kids in Joshua’s grade had to write a reflective essay this week. They were asked to select a poem or song which reflected something important to them. I got this note from Joshua’s (and my) friend (and teacher to us both) about a different boy in the grade.