The Useful Stuff

Once you get into a veggie garden it becomes really expensive to buy everything from the local garden centre. Here some of the suppliers I've found along the way:

  • Atlantic Fertilisers sell bulk orders of organic, chicken manure based fertiliser. They only  deliver in bulk orders, so you might want to share an order with a friend:
    • w: www.atlanticfertilisers.co.za
    • t: 021 972 1013
    • e: info@atlanticfertilisers.co.za
  • Living Seeds  sell heirloom seeds, mail order seedlings and have a drool-worthy annual catalogue:
    • w: www.livingseeds.co.za
    • t: +27 73 141 7101
    • e: admin@livingseeds.co.za
  • Urban Forest are really tree fellers but I get bulk orders of wood chip mulch (probably my all time best investment), compost and lawn dressing. They also sell fruit tress from time to time. 


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